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For decades we have traveled the land both here and abroad in search of mystical and mythical liquid treasures.  Treasures as multi-dimensional as the backside of a common hill; much like a river eddy where you face upstream for a welcome break, and hide from the wind.  Letting go, you barrel down in search of the thrill!  And find yourself at the bottom of your knoll ready to ride again!  It is in those spaces, the in-betweens, the ones often over-looked and least traveled where we have found our gems.  And now we’re going to share them with you!

We have discovered the duplicity of not only the crazy, hazy, fruity, milkshake, earthquake, double and triple exotic take; we have also found that moment of necessary calm with the classic, dry, crisp, smooth, and easy drinking gems.  We aim to share all sides of the coin with you.  And there are certainly more than nine sides to this coin… How is that possible?  Don’t question it! 

You want a world class adventure in a glass?  We sure hope you do, because whether you want a light crisp beer or the newest experimental triple dry hopped crazy hazy adventure, we've got you covered.  Remember we do this for the joy of it.  We’re taking this adventure with or without you; but you’re invited...and believe me you want to join! 

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